Ghosts ‘n Guns Press Kit

About Turbo Chilli

Turbo Chilli was founded in 2005 and is a leading publisher of mobile games with over 100 million downloads worldwide. Our development studio is located in sunny Sydney, Australia with publishing partners located all around the globe.

About Ghosts ‘n Guns:

Ghosts ‘n Guns is the ultimate arcade shoot-em-up made exclusively for Augmented Reality (AR).
Use your device to defend against an army of pixel ghosts as they invade your world.

Words by Ben Hazzard – CEO Turbo Chilli

“Being huge fans of retro arcade games here at Turbo Chilli, we felt that the current trend of random endless design in gaming was detracting from the age old thrill of mastering a game and actually beating it. By hand-crafting levels that are the identical on repeat plays, it allowed our designers to increase difficulty in a steep but controlled manner and provide a fairer platform for players to compare each others progress.”

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