What does Turbo Chilli do?

Turbo Chilli is one of the top publishers of independent games on the App Store. We assist with everything from design and development through to funding and investment on a per-project requirements basis. We promote and advertise games as well as leveraging our existing userbase of millions of players to ensure every new title has the greatest chance for success.

What kind of games does Turbo Chilli publish?

We are focused predominantly on mass market appeal titles and aiming to build on our successful catalog of top ranking games. We will gladly review any title submitted and provide detailed feedback about any issues we feel are impeding the marketability of the game.

How does Turbo Chilli differ from other publishers?

Other publishers with 200+ games on their catalog are diluting their brand’s effectiveness and are unable to dedicate the amount of time, money and effort into each individual title that is required. Turbo Chilli is all about building a selective catalog of hit games that we have invested our own time, money and knowledge into being successful. We can assist with funding for games where we feel a core concept has potential but production is lacking due to limited cash-flow available to the developers. We advise at multiple stages of development and have a talented pool of skilled artists and developers to draw upon if required. Most of all we know what it takes to get a game to #1 and we are determined to make sure every title we release has the best chance of success.

How much % does the publisher get paid?

We assess each project on an individual basis and work out an appropriate figure based on how much work we feel is required to get the title to a market ready state and the scale of the marketing campaign leveraged upon launching the title.

How do I submit our game for publication review?

Send us an email via the contact page and we will take it from there. Typically this will involve us providing you with a couple of device ID’s in the case of iOS games so you can create mobile provisions for us to play the games. We will provide feedback reports with and let you know our assessment results. All information you provide is protected via mutual non-disclosure agreements.

Does a game need to be finished for it to be reviewed?

Absolutely not. In many cases a prototype or alpha build is preferred as it allows us time to assist with the final stages of design, development and branding. We do however require a game prototype to be at least playable and do not accept designs without a functioning demo.