Turbo Chilli knows mobile gaming…

Turbo Chilli was founded in 2005, in the dark age of mobile gaming, when handsets were limited to 64k of memory with screens the size of a postage stamp. We know mobile gaming because we were there from the beginning and understand the foundations that this billion dollar industry was built upon. With humble roots as developers ourselves, we have grown and adapted to the rapidly changing world of mobile game publication. With multiple #1 App Store hits under its belt, Turbo Chilli knows what it takes to get games to the top of the charts and onto people’s handsets.

Angry Birds or Angry Investors?

While you may not need the endorsement of a publisher to get a game to market, how that game will perform can be dramatically improved by signing with a skilful publishing service. How many times have you seen it happen? Another USD 100k+ budget game, with plenty of forum support, twitter buzz and professional video trailer just plummet to the murky depths of the app store’s sub 1000 ranks within weeks of release. Heartbroken developers talking about the app store being all about luck and grumbling about how some ‘crappy’ game is taking up their rightful place at the top of the charts. The number one reason this happens is that the developers did not understand the market they were targeting and did not have the initial high volume user uptake that a publisher can provide.

How Turbo Chilli can help you

We will give your game every chance for success. We invest time and money to ensure the product is market ready as well as taking care of all promotion and advertising. We leverage our existing network of millions of players to cross promote every new release and fast track it into to the visible charts. In many cases we will advise during the development process to help direct a game towards a more successful outcome. We also have a talent network of skilled artists and developers that can work alongside your own team to assist with any areas that you might need help.